The openSUSE Conference 2010

This year the openSUSE conference takes place 20-23 October in Nürnberg, Germany. See more details and the schedule here. I’ll have a presentation and a workshop there. I don’t have the final plan yet ready so here I’d like to ask for your opinions in advance. If you have any idea or if you are interested in a specific topic for the presentation or the workshop let me know via comments below.

WebYaST Presentation

My plan is to do a similar presentation as I had at LinuxTag event this year. But because here I’ll have more time (+15 minutes) I’ll show more details and I’ll show how to install it in openSUSE-11.3.

Developing RoR Application in NetBeans - Workshop

Because I’m developing WebYaST using Netbeans IDE I’d like to share some nice tips and tricks how to make developing of Rails apps better. I used VIM for editing (and I still use it for non-Rails work) but I wanted something better. Of course, there is a rails plugin for VIM but that didn’t help me much. Then I tried NetBeans and I was pleased by the features it has.

So this workshop will be rather an introduction to possibilities of NetBeans and if you are using a plain text editor for Rails development you should definitely come and see it.

I’m still thinking about the content - what application should we use for this session? We could use WebYaST but we could also start from scratch generating a very simple Rails app… I guess I’ll leave it on the attendees to decide what they want to hack on, I’ll prepare both possibilities… And of course, if you already have your own app you could use it.